Monday, October 12, 2009

Playlist for 10/11-12

This weeks show didn't have too much new music since I was out of town....more to come next week, promise. PLUS a blog about Girl in a Coma is on its way!!!!

Orenda Fink - Invisible Ones Guard the Gate
Magnapop - Open the Door
Eve's Plum - Blue
Tori Amos - Caught a Light Sneeze
Zero 7 (feat. Sia) - Throw it all Away
Dahlia - Forget this Place
Meg Hutchinson - The Crossing
Melissa Ferrick - Drive
Camera Obcura - French Navy
Rilo Kiley - Portions for Foxes
Joan as Policewoman - Eternal Flame
Metric - Grow up & Blow Away
Lisa Papineau - Shucking Jiving
La Roux - Quicksand
Yeah Yeah Yeah's - Heads will Roll
La Roux - Bulletproof
Bat for Lashes - Daniel
Awry - Inconsistent
Mary Timony - 9 x 3
Boyskout - Girl on girl Action
Lesbians on Ecstasy - Tell me Does she love the bass
Theo & the Skyscrapers - Say it Again
Bjork - Earth Intruders
Ani Difranco - Your Next Bold Move
Orenda Fink - Higher Ground
Metric - Help I'm Alive
Imelda - Feel Me

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