Tuesday, October 6, 2009

Antigone Rises Again

There is always a sadness when you hear a band has broken up. You know each member will go on, hopefully, to produce new exciting music on their own or with new partners, but nothing will ever be quite the same.

Such is the story of the band Antigone Rising. You can read some of their history here (i love wiki but take it with a grain of salt...or 3) as the band has grown through the years, and then officially broke up. The new Antigone Rising won't be what you remember. There are new members, most notably front woman (and songwriter) Nini Camps. But you may be able to stamp "NEW & IMPROVED" on their label. These girls are back and ready for action.

This week Wild Woman Radio had the world premier of their single "Weed & Wine". Now I know you are all excited, but its going to be a minute before they finish recording their album. I'm grateful they chose to share a track so early. In the meantime, catch them kicking around NYC playing a few gigs. Check out their website for details.

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