Friday, May 13, 2011

Playlist for May 4th and May 11th

I've been having trouble posting in blogger lately so I'm playing catchup. Here are the playlists for the last two shows and a couple special videos as bonus. Rock on!

MAY 4th
The Organ - Fire in the Ocean
Ladyhawk - Paris is Burning
Ellie Goulding - Guns & Horses
Joan As Police Woman - Magic
Lisa Papineau - White Leather Pants
Tennis - Marathon
Dragonette - Hello
Flight Facilities - I Crave Paris
Beth Ditto - I Wrote the Book
Charlotte Gainsbourg - Heaven Can Wait
Samantha Crain - Lions
St Vincent - Now Now
Rye Rye - Go Pop Bang
Tegan & Sara - Alligator (remix)
Poly Styrene - Thrash City
Wild Flag - Future Crimes
PJ Harvey - The Color of the Earth
Wild Flag - Glass Tamborine
The Kills - DNA
Melissa Auf der Mar - Out of Our Minds
Scream Club - Party Time
Eula - Texas Stampede
Ellie Goulding - Wolves (Bon Iver cover)
Jolie Holland - Polmyra
Roisin Murphy - Momma's Place
MIA - Born Free

May 11th
Eula - Texas Stampede
Wye Oak - Two Small Deaths
Gang Gang Dance - Mindkilla
The Kills - Future Starts Slow
Alex Winston - Sister Wife (remix by Ladyhawke)
Polystyrene - Thrash City
Grace Jones - Nipple to the Bottle
Money Penny - Cool and the Gang
Rye Rye feat Robyn - Never Will Be Mine
Lykke Li - Get Some (remix)
Adele vs Jamie XX - Rolling in the Heat
Sia - You've Changed
Emilie Simon - The Cycle
Joan As Police Woman - The Magic
EMA - Milkman
Yadi - Guillotine
Sick of Sarah - Overexposure
Broadcast - Elegant Elephant
Cyndi Lauper - Change of Heart (remix)

Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Play list for April 27th: Tribute to Poly Styrene

RIP Poly Styrene (aka Marriane Elliot Said) former lead singer of one of the most influential female fronted punk bands of all time - The X Ray Spex. She lost her battle with breast cancer this passed Monday at the age of 54. Her new cd Generation Indigo was released yesterday (you can purchase here)

Joan as Police Woman - Magic
Adele - Rolling in the Deep
Lykke Li - Get Some (Beck Remix)
Beth Ditto - I Wrote the Book
X Ray Spex - Germ Free Adolescents
X Ray Spex - Day the World Turned Dayglow
Dum Dum Girls - Wrong Feels Right
Wild Flag - Future Crimes
Eula - Texas Stampede
Eliza Doolittle - Roller Blades
Emilie Simon - Rainbow
Exene Cervenka - Already in Love
Dragonette - Hello
Metric - Sick Muse (remix)
Redlight feat Ms Dynamite - Whatchu Talkin About
The Kills - DNA
Solex - Bon Bon
Poly Styrene - White Gold
Poly Styrene - Thrash City
X Ray Spex - Warrior in Woolworths
Erase Errata - Damaged
Wild Flag - Glass Tambourine
Fever Ray - Mercy St.
Bikini Kill - Strawberry Julius
Yeah Yeah Yeah's - Heads will Roll
Salt n Pepa - Ain't Nothin but a She Thang

X Ray Spex

Playlist for April 20th

Sorry for the late post of this playlist. It was temporarily misplaced, but is here for you now.

This show featured music from Joan as Police Woman "The Deep Field"

MIA - Internet Connection
PJ Harvey - The Words Maketh Murder
Kristin Hersh - Mississippi Kite
Rye Rye - DJ Go
Joan As Police Woman - The Magic
The Kills - DNA
Kate Sikora - Circle in a Rectangle
Alex Winston -Choice Notes
The Kills - The Last Goodbye
Sick of Sarah -
St Vincent - Never Tear Us Apart
Joan As Police Woman - Say Yes
Wye Oak - Take it In
Beth Ditto - I Wrote the Book
Jessica Lee Mayfield - Our Hearts are Wrong
Lykke Li - I follow River
The Kills - Future Starts Slow
Dragonette - Hello
The Kills - Sattellite
Rye Rye - Sunshine
Wye Oak -
Beach House - Take Care
PJ Harvey - Written on the Forehead
Lisa Papineau - White Leather Pants
Liz Phair - And He Slayed Her
Sky Larkin - Matador
Chicks on Speed - Mind Your Own Business
50 Foot Wave - Dogdoo (live)

Friday, April 8, 2011

Playlist for April 6th

Alex Winston sister wife
Shunda K here I am to save the world
Dragonette - hello
Sick of Sarah - overexposed
Sia -clap your hands remix
Sally Seltman - harmony to my heartbeat
Amanda zalina - obsessed with you
The Sounds - dance with the Devil
Beth Ditto - I wrote the book

Sade -soldier of love
The Kills - DNA

Jen Foster - Venice Beach
Joan as Police woman - magic
Holly Miranda - Waves
Susi Quatro - can the can
Antigone Rising - weed & wine
Le Tigre - tko
Sam Phillips - the fan dance
Rasputina - the haulacaust of giants
Feist - SecreT heart
St Vincent (beck) - never tear us apart
David byrne with Tori Amos and Cyndi lauper - why don't you love me
Samantha crain - lions
Portishead - chase the
Ellie goulding - under the sheets remix

Thursday, March 31, 2011

Playlist for March 30th

This week's show featured new music from The Sounds latest cd Something to Die For. I'm definitely feeling this project, much improvement from their last release. The songwriting is better with catchy hooks and hot drum tracks. If only they could do a press photo without a panty shot.


Dragonette - Animale
Sunday Girl - Self Control
The Dollyrots - California Beachboy
Bettie Serveert - Mossie
Alex Winston - Sweet James
Marnie Stern - Transparency
The Sounds - The No No Song
The Sounds - Dance with the Devil
Liz Phair - And He Slayed Her
Sneaker pimps - Six Feet Underground (remix)
Peaches - Talk to Me
David Byrne & Santigold - Please Don't
Jesca Hoop - Four Dreams
Sick of Sarah - Over Exposed
The Sounds - Yeah Yeah Yeah
Fever Ray - Mercy St.
Kristin Hersh - Coals
Leila Broussard - Satellite
Domonique - Show Your Ass
Florence & the Machine - Hurricane Drunk
Sam Phillips - Lever Pulled Down
Redlight feat Ms Dynamite - Whatchu Talkin Bout
Hesta Prynn - Seven Sisters
Ellie Goulding - Wolves
Brandi Carlile - Before it Breaks
Swati - Blackjack

Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Playlist for March 16th

Oddly, a quick search for 'women power' on google images turned up more than a few images of these. I think there is possibly a deeper meaning here....or I may have overdosed on Taurine tonight. Anyway, here is the playlist from the night:

Evelyn Evelyn - Have You Seen My Sister Evelyn
Bat for Lashes - Priscilla
Nina Simone - Put a Spell on You (remix)
Santigold - Shove It
Lady Tigra - Cars that go boom
Lisa Papineau - White Leather Pants
Antigone Rising - Breaking Me
Fever Ray - Mercy St
Peaches - Talk to Me
Lykke Li - Breaking it up (remix)
The Bird & the Bee - Loveletter to Japan
Spinerette - Sex Bomb
Redlight feat Ms Dynamite - Whatchu Talkin About
Lisa Damato - My Name is Lisa
Nnecka - Heartbeat
Hesta Prynn - Seven Sisters
Heartless Bastards - All This time
Kicktin - I like Girls
Yo Majesty - Freaks Come Out
CSS vs L7 - Pretend We're Ala la
El Perro Del Mar - Change of heart
The Organ - Fire in the Ocean
Claire & the Reasons - Hurt so Bad
Moneypenny - Cool & the Gang
Imogen Heap - Thriller
Kate Havnevik - Unlike Me (remix)
Sahra Motalebi - Pearling
The Rescues - Break Me Out
Yadi - Guillotine

Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Playlist March 9th

Rye Rye - Sunshine
Annie - Heartbeat
Souixsie Souix - Into a Swan
Kelis - 4th of July
Rye Rye - Go Pop Bang
Tegan & Sara - Alligator (Dr. Rosen Rosen remix)
Solex - Bom Bom
PJ Harvey - The Words that Maketh Murder
Patti Smith - Glitter in Their Eyes
The Outside - Blame You I do
Le Tigre - I'm So Excited
Scream Club - Party Time
Adele - Lovesong
Lachi - We Can Fly
Cyndi Lauper - Into the Nightlife
Rye Rye - Dj Go feat DJ Say What
Uffie - Add Suv
Tracy & the Plastics - Henrietta
Lady Gaga & Beyonce - Telephone (remix by Dr. Rosen Rosen)
Rye Rye - Witchdoctor
Ninfa - Bomb Nicotine
The Breeders - Wicked Little Town
PJ Harvey - Let England Shake (live)
Luisa Maita - Ler Ler (dj Rapture remix)
PJ Harvey - The Color of the Earth
My Brightest Diamond - Golden Star (remix)
St Vincent - The Strangers
Leila Broussard - Satellite
Adele - Someone Like You