Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Love for the Whip

Lovewhip describe themselves as Boston's sexy electro dance rock band. True. Music fans, like myself, will also note the major influence of Reggae and Dance Hall beats. My love for the whip isn't just a play on words. I have dragged them down to New Haven a couple times to do shows, even building a She's Electro series inspired by the band (and a particularly electrifying picture of front woman Erin Harpe).

I received my advance copy of Love Electric (released Nov. 17th) this weekend & it hasn't left my car stereo. While they are 'Boston's best party band' complete with altered covers of pop hits from people like Missy Elliot, they are spot on with their original sound, crafting of catchy pop hooks & Mistress Erin's impressive vocals.

The song "Automatic" practically screams for radio play. Of course I didn't need convincing, but check it out for yourself - here is a live performance of the song:

Love Electric is currently available for pre-order and you can stream many of the songs on their website and will be available for regular purchase beginning next Tuesday.

If you live in the Northeast, get thee to one of their CD release shows!

Nov. 12th Church of Boston
Nov. 16th AS220 in Providence, RI
Nov. 28th Club Tritone in Philly
Nov. 29th Arlene's Grocery New York

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