Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Pompadour is the new mullet

It wasn't that long ago Peaches sported the old skool mullet, rockin' it a la Kip Winger himself. Then I witnessed many a hipster lesbian modernize the hairdo with sharp angles and tipped scales of justice. (bare with me, I promise this is a music blog)

Lately, I'm noticing the fashionable pompadour return to the music scene, and its not just for rockabilly any more.

For those who listen to the show, or read the playlists, you will be familiar with artist Janell Monae. I praise her music for being truly unique in a sea of cookie cutter reproductions, something that is always a surprise to hear from an artist on a major label (Ms. Monae is signed to Diddy's label Bad Boy Records, a division of Atlantic). Her songs are simultaneously retro and futuristic, something she mimics in her appearance.

Now, jump across the pond to british electro-pop group La Roux, who recently toured opening for Lily Allen with their danceable tracks reminiscent of 80's brits Eurythmics or Yaz. Singer & synth player Elly Johnson must use a lot of hairspray at all times.

Her pomp (yes, I'm abbreviating the word out of laziness)is often off to the side or spiked in the front, like a cross with the chicken hawk classic.

Is this blog really about fashionable hair? No, its about pop music, which is undeniably cross stitched to high gloss hair, make up, and clothing. And it gave me an excuse to talk about these two candies I can't stop poppin'.

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  1. omg la roux, 80's super fun much. i love it. and not just for the hair.