Sunday, May 17, 2009

(Ab)normally addicted to Tori

Like many of the Wild Woman Radio listeners, I have been addicted to the sounds of Tori Amos since the first breath of Little Earthquakes graced the headphones of my walkman (and played that tape til its pitch faltered). Over the years, I've continued to be impressed with her work and her treatment of albums as more than just a random grouping of songs, but a body of work. In the ever-changing music world where music is often collected as a singular mp3, its artists like Tori that create the demand for the listener to purchase the full cd (or download in its entirety). Her latest collection, Abnormally Addicted to Sin, is released this Tuesday with a version of the album that will contain a dvd of accompanying videos (fans make sure you grab ahold of this one).

I'm previewing the cd as I type this. I keep hitting replay on a track called "Strong Black Vine" featuring a great string arrangement and rock n' roll vocals that make me wonder what a live performance of the song would be like if she were to step out from behind the piano and grab hold of a mic stand (a la Steve Tyler...only actually sexy). On Tonight's Wild Woman Radio, we will preview a couple tracks - tune in to hear them first! Also, new music from Jill Sobule, Neko Case and other surprises.

Tori's tour was also just announced, but alas, no CT date so far. Make sure to buy tix early for NYC or Boston shows.

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