Monday, January 25, 2010

Playlist 1/24-25/10

This week's show features the brand new song "Rocket" from Goldfrapp and two new tracks from the I Love Kin4Life record (DL it here!

Tune in Today, Monday, at 2pm EST for your 2nd chance to listen at

Anais Mitchell - 1984
Rachael Sage - Invincible
Kat Parsons - Miss Me
Quitzow - Cats Are People Too
M.I.A. - Paper Planes (remix)
Spartak feat. Sabrina Deep - Stimulate
Kin4Life feat. Nicky Click - Skateboard
Jenny Owen Youngs - What Beats Within
Charlotte Gainsbourg - Heaven Can Wait (remix)
Tegan & Sara - Hell
Ellie Goulding - Guns & Horses
the Cardigans - Lovefool (remix)
Jesca Hoop - four Dreams
Oona - Tore My Heart
Goldfrapp - Rocket
Antigone Rising - Weed & Wine
Atrina - Seven Ways
X - I Must Not Think Bad Thoughts
Jeryl - Be With You
Ani Difranco - Both Hands
Bitch & the Exciting Conclusion - Bullet
Fever Ray - Seven (remix)
St. Vincent - Marrow (live)
Kin4Life - On My Kanye
Lady Sovereign - You got Me Dancing (remix)
Jen Foster - I'm in Love with You
Mieka Pauley - All the Same Mistakes
Anjulie - Boom

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