Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Project Walkway: an Ideats Guide to Fashion (still about music)

Wild Woman Radio is pleased to announce their first Ideat Village event Project Walkway, Tuesday, June 16th from 7-10pm at Temple Plaza (behind the Shubert). This is outdoors, and, as with all Ideat Village events, totally free to the public. Project Walkway is WWR’s twisted take on the popular reality competition, hosted by New Haven’s most fabulous drag Ms. Robin Banks. While contestants pick out their materials and create their ensembles, using unorthodox design implements, such as duct tape, the crowd will be entertained by two of New Haven’s best Atrina and Welcome. Contestants will sign up upon arrival, at 7pm.

Atrina (will perform full set)
CT’s indie art rock band featuring Kelly L'Heureux {Vocals, Guitars, Other Stuff}, Will Iannuzzi {Bass}, Phil Law {Guitars}, and Dave Parmelee {Drums}

WeLcome (will perform full set)
An impressive electro-pop trio from CT featuring Steve (vocals and sampling), Carmella (vocals and bass), and Dave (drums and keys).

DJ Bixby
Aka Sarah Cornelius, host of Wild Woman Radio, will provide music during the fashion competition.

For details, check out www.myspace.com/wildwomanradio and for Ideat Village info visit www.ideatvillage.org.

Wild Woman Radio can also be found online at:


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