Tuesday, June 9, 2009

I Feel Peaches and Cream

As many o friend is packing their bags en route to Bonnaroo at this hour, i'm currently awake for much different reasons: There is still wine in the bottle and a new Peaches cd to listen to! Yes, the reigning electro queen is back with more sexual chocolate than Brownie Troop 605 knows what to do with (i think it may be buried in the thin mints this year). The new disc I Feel Cream features her belting out R&B style vocals over retro electro hollowed out tracks as on the song "Talk to Me", bringing back the industrial baseline on "Show Stopper", rocking the new wave ballad on "Lose You" and bustin' out the gate with more rap spittin' on "Mommy Complex" and "Billionaire". In some ways its more of the same. Don't expect Peaches to have 'matured' lyrically. I've often had conversations with friends about female artists, such as Peaches, that are sexually explicit with their lyrics and if that innately makes them less feminist, or furthermore, does it make them female chauvinists or sexist? I think a lot of it has to do with context. Peaches? I think she is a free spirit, sexual being who is trying to have a bit of fun and doesn't take herself that seriously. If that makes you uncomfortable, then skip to the next blog. If not, check out I Feel Cream with the volume on 11 and dance around the house in your underwear, or less, Peaches would approve:)

Here is Peaches with guest Shunda K (formerly of Yo Majesty) performing "Billionaire" live in Germany:

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